Why choose Unica

Unica has a system that is the new way in maintenance to save time and to be most cost -effective while doing it. Traditional paints used today was developed in the 60´s and a lot have changed since then.

System benefits include:

  • This require less groundwork than traditional systems.
  • All products are single component so no mixing of resin and hardener
  • The whole system is based on the same thinner so there is only one for all products.
  • The paint dries underwater if submerged 10-15 minutes after applied.
  • A Norsok 501 system in three layers can be applied in a window of 24 hours
  • Unica is a thin-film system which is applied in 75 – 100mμ which makes it possible even with brush to achieve desired protection of the surface fast.
  • Only a few products needed to manage the entire plant/area as most products can be applied on Concrete, Steel, Stainless , Galvanized , aluminium, cast iron , etc.
  • The paint can withstand up to 140 ° C in stadidg temperature and 165 ° C. Peak
  • On surfaces that do not have mechanical wear or acid attacks can be guaranteed to last between 10-15 years or even more.
  • Our Moisture curing urethane coating is compatible with most known products would wide.

The system has many more benefits and will help you as customers to save money in the daily operation that today is an important part of the future.
Unica Coatings motto is to help all our customers to save money with a direct visible effect both on the appearance and the budget.

Want to save money ?  What are you waiting for ?