About us

Unica Coatings produces a world leading Single Component Moisture Curing coating system that performs in every way and for every costumer.

Unica Coatings AB was founded in 2012  by Anders Elonsson who has extensive experience in shipping and industrial segments since years back.

It all began in 2002 as a salesman for this type of Products demonstrated the coating system a Cold November morning in Skärhamn and it was proven to perform like no other coatings on the market.

The technology was introduced to the Swedish markets as a new way to maintain and manage the investments. The system was enshrined in the painting guide for Swedish Maritime Administration and also in the largest hydro Power supplier Vattenfall.
Anders Elonsson is a former shipping manager with many years experience as a ship owner, manager, superintendent, engineering manager and certified painter and as he scanned the market for a better and easier way to keep the vessel fleet in top condition it was he who tested the systems the November morning 2001 in sub-zero conditions and was convinced that it does the job and became the first customer in Europe.

From the factory to the end users in all sectors
The technology have existed for years but was not known to the market so when Unica Coatings got the opportunity to launch this product and to be a part of the production to take responsibility for the entire chain from the factory to the end users in all sectors around the world the decision was not to wait. Anders took the chance immediately to be a part of the developing proses of the coating systems.

The company’s philosophy is to offer customers money saving in maintenance in all shapes and form when it comes to our product range.